At Kent Creative, our work is rooted  25+ years of field experience, but it is informed by insights from the fields of neuroscience, behavioral economics and decision making, advertising, communications, data visualization, ethics and psychology.  

The purpose of development communications is to document meaning--an ongoing process that we call Documentary Branding. Branding is everything you do as an organization to communicate value. Like a skilled documentary filmmaker, a nonprofit communicator must capture their organization's story in a powerful and compelling way. Properly told, this story will help attract donors, and when the impact of their gifts are properly documented, these stories will help grow donors. 

While top ad agencies are expert at "adding sizzle" to mundane products, when they work with a nonprofit client, they are like Hollywood filmmakers steeped in special effects trying to make an honest documentary. At Kent Creative, we know that you don't need to sensationalize the work of nonprofit. You need to capture it authentically and empower a nonprofit's stakeholders to use their own voices in a powerful way. 

Kent Creative-Speak to the heart and the mind will follow.